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My Story

With a dynamic background as a seasoned director in ecommerce, customer services, customer experience, and team building, I am embarking on an exciting journey of transformation. Drawing upon years of leadership and fostering growth within corporate settings, combined with my ten-plus years of experience coaching a national champion sports team, I am now dedicated to channeling that expertise into helping small businesses achieve their aspirations. My unique path has equipped me with a deep understanding of what it takes to navigate challenges, cultivate resilience, and inspire meaningful change.

My journey as the head coach of a five-time national championship youth team, has not only honed my coaching skills but also illuminated a deeper understanding of the diverse challenges that young athletes and their parents encounter beyond the realm of sports. Nurturing the potential of these talented individuals required fostering open communication, building trust, and instilling a sense of resilience. These experiences have uniquely positioned me to extend my guidance beyond sport-specific coaching, enabling me to support juniors and parents in addressing life's obstacles. Just as I guide the team towards victory, I am dedicated to partnering with you and your business and/or team to conquer the hurdles that life presents, fostering growth, and ultimately achieving success, whatever that may look like for you.

I am committed to empowering you to navigate the currents of business with clarity and purpose. Let's embark on a transformative voyage towards fulfillment.

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